Besides easier and more effective, video has the stats to prove its value in your communication efforts

  • Online video is powerful. Targetable, measurable, real time
  • Videos capture full attention, appealing to more senses with sight and sound.
  • Videos don't just lie there – they can be interesting, funny, dramatic, or however you choose to connect with your target audience!
  • In social media, thousands of videos are being posted and shared every second.
  • 4 out of 5 internet users watch online video
  • Video messaging generate 2-3x higher click-thru rates compared to static E-mails
  • In a 2010 report from Cisco, 30% of Internet traffic was video. By 2013, 90% of Internet traffic will be video.
  • 86% of people that browse the web prefer to watch videos over reading
  • Virtually 60% of respondents said they would watch video previous to reading text on the same webpage, and 22% said they generally liked watching video more than browsing text for examining business information.
  • Having a video on your website increases Google search rank by over 50 times.
  • Video is much more appealing to your customers when introducing a new product. Show them how it works rather than just telling through text.
  • Go viral! Video integrates well with social media, create one video and post it multiple times for great results.
  • Video is an affordable option compared to other forms of advertising. Try using your own equipment!
  • Keep your videos under 30 seconds—By 30 seconds into an online video up to 33% of viewers have moved on and almost 60% have abandoned your message by the 2 minute mark.

A message is...

7% content
38% tone of voice
55% body language

Does your written email have body language or tone of voice?